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Ashley Wheeler - Meditation

"I just wanted to tell you how helpful one of your recorded Monday meditations just were for me. Life has been heavy lately with a lot of grief and sorrow. Being able to release that while feeling safe and guided was amazing. You are doing great things, Alice. Thank you for sharing your gift with our community.  

Kim W. -


"Absolutely incredible. Jennifer is a master!"

Amanda Merchant- 


Alice has introduced me to a totally new thing- meditation. 
She makes the whole experience easy going, natural, and beneficial!
I'm noticing improvements in anxieties around time management that I wasn't even aware I had. I find myself breathing a little deeper, a little slower, and more aware in a good way throughout the day. 
Thank you, Alice, for the gift you provide! 

Korinna Crellin-


Hey Alice-First of all,  the meditation was an experience beyond anything I've ever had and I want to thank you for guiding me through it. Now after today, I can't even explain to you the feelings I'm having. I've laughed and cried and I just feel like I have finally turned the page I needed. I feel good, like I'm okay and I know I'm going to continue being okay and my daughter will continue to be okay because she has mother who works from the inside out. I could go on and on. Basically I feel like I'm having an emotional and spiritual breakthrough that wouldn't be possible without you. 
I'm grateful for the meditation studio.  Thank you for putting in your hard work to make those things available to women like me.
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